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Privacy Policy

This web site is owned and operated by Infuse Construction Ltd. Personal data that is volunteered, or required for the purposes of utilising web site functions, or purchasing services online is stored securely and is not shared with other organisations or utilised for marketing purposes without the permission of the owner.

Infuse Construction Ltd may disclose personal information to our agents for the purpose of providing online sales or booking services. Such disclosure is required for the provision of services. Users have a right to request access to any information about them that is stored by Infuse Construction Ltd.

Requests for access must be made in writing to Infuse Construction Ltd. You have a right to request that any personal information stored by us be corrected or erased. With the exception of email mailing list data, all such requests should be made in writing to Infuse Construction Ltd.

Infuse Construction Ltd takes its security responsibilities seriously, employing the most appropriate physical and technical measures, staff training and awareness, to ensure that unauthorised access to, alteration or destruction of personal data does not take place.

On occasion, Infuse Construction Ltd may be required to contact you in order to ensure that your data is correct. This is rarely necessary, and is only likely to be required in order to ensure the provision of a service where incomplete information exists on your order.

Infuse Construction Ltd does not collect and retain personal information that is unnecessary to the operation of it's business. Infuse Construction Ltd also has a policy of reviewing all personal data collected in the course of business, and deleting unnecessary personal data where such data has been gathered.

Typically Infuse Construction Ltd does not retain personal data for longer than 30 days. Order data is retained in order to ensure that we have adequate financial and other records. Sensitive financial information such as credit card details are not retained by Infuse Construction Ltd.

If you have a complaint to make about any service provided by Infuse Construction Ltd please contact us by mail or by telephone, or use the contact forms on our web sites.

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